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The water as an essential natural element makes two thirds of the human body. Therefore, the water is precious liquid necessary for people’s health. Is the quality of the water that the average person today consumes good enough for the human body? We will look for the answer to this question in the analysis of pH (a measure of acidity / alkalinity of an organism).

Fruits, vegetables, meat, milk, juices, living organisms and water as well have pH (the degree of acidity / alkalinity) whose value can be less than 0 or higher than 14.
Solutions with a pH less than 7 are acidic (such as organism, food, water) and solutions with a pH higher than 7 are basic (alkaline). Pure water is neutral, at pH 7, being neither an acid nor a base.  Acidity / alkalinity is connected with our health and it affects the development of the diseases. Human body needs to keep the balance so the healthy organism is always mildly alkaline with the pH of 7.4. The ph of blood is always mildly alkaline as well, with the ph of 7.35.

Malnutrition and inattention cause a disorder in acid-base balance in our organism. Acidic organisms are extremely convenient for the development of many diseases. According to scientists, the recommended ratio of acidic and alkaline food should be 80:20 in favour of the alkali, so the balance could be achieved.

Some of the groceries with a high level of acidity whose consumption increases the acidity of our organism and are harmful to our health are for example: sodas, sugar, various preservatives, medicine, salt, white flour, tobacco, alcohol, sweets, high-fat cheese, fried meat, etc. Fast pace of life, stress or anxiety are also some of the factors that cause a decrease of the pH in our organism. The alkaline groceries whose pH is higher than 7 are broccoli, lemon, soda, grapefruit, olives, peas, alkaline water, etc.

More and more scientists and doctors who are dealing with this issue, believe that a common cause of all diseases, including cancer, is the high level of acidity in the organism because of the enourmous amounts of acids that accumulate in our body. The pH in the blood should always be equal to 7.365 so our body can function optimally. But the food always pushes us towards the acidity. The balance between acids and bases in our body is essential for maintaining the internal harmony. At the present time, our organism can be extremely acidic because of the stress and malnutrition.

Interestingly, even if we consume the high quality food, our digestive process will always create organic waste in the form of acids which we need to remove from the body and restore alkaline balance. It is also very significant to mention that stress is one of the most important and most frequent causes which contribute to the acidity. Stress can neutralise and can even make the alkaline nutrition too acidic by just one wave of adrenaline.

Long-lasting and excessive acidity corrodes our tissues, veins and arteries like rust. It cancels all the cellular activities, for example, our heartbeat or the way we think, it affects the life itself and causes almost all of the diseases including the heart attacks, cancer, premature aging and obesity. The metabolic process in the body slows down due to the acidity and that is one of the reasons why many people have lack of energy.

Excessive acidity weakens all of our systems and forces our body to take minerals from the vital organs and bones to neutralize and safely remove acid from our body. Our body produces cholesterol so it can safely store deadly waste products away from the liver, heart and kidneys. “Obesity is the problem of acidity, while fats are saving our lives” explains dr Robert Young. There will be more information about obesity, which is represented as the consequence of the high level of acidity, in the further text.

Natural water is slightly alkaline, full of oxygen and other various minerals and has a pH over 7. However, due to the processing and bottling it loses its value and the consumers buy it even in the form of mineral water.  The pH of drinking water is from 6.5 to 7. Alkaline water is much easier to adapt to your nutrition plan. It helps in regulating the balance between alkaline and acidic organism to the ratio of 80:20 and so it neutralizes the impact of the accumulation of acidity in the body, which is the main cause of degenerative diseases and aging.

The water of Kulasi Spa has a pH of 11.75 and is highly alkaline natural water which increases the pH of the body and has a positive effect on all cells. The advantage of natural alkaline water is the fact that it can reach every cell of the organism.

Namely, when drinking water enters our organism it moves through in groups of molecules. Each group contains from 8 to 12 molecules of water which is the reason why it cannot reach each cell of the organism. While natural alkaline water consists of groups which contain from 4 to 8 molecules of water which can reach each cell of the organism and hydratize it. Alkaline water is mostly used in Asia for the development of people’s health. Natural springs of this precious liquid, which can be rightly called the elixir of life, are very rare in the world. There are only two springs of this kind in Europe (except Kulasi Spa), and only several more in the rest of the world. The Hunzakuts or Hunza people, are an ethnically Burusho people indigenous to the Hunza Valley, in the Karakorum Mountains of northern Pakistan. This tribe is considered as the tribe that lives the longest life. The scientists that had made the research about this tribe, concluded that the reason of their longevity is their nutrition. Namely, there are natural springs of alkaline water in the Himalayas which are used by this tribe in their everyday life. Unlike alkaline water whose usage has a positive effect in our organism, mineral water (water with low pH value) is suitable for local usage. Mineral water is used for skin care, hair care, wound healing, acne, to eliminate bacterial and fungal infections and it is also used as an effective disinfectant. Highly alkaline water also moisturises your body up to six times better than ordinary water, it is a strong antioxidant and has a powerful detoxifying effect. Consumption of the right kind of water is very important for the detoxification of our body and is also one of the most effective medical treatments that we can choose. Alkaline water is the fastest and the best way of alkalizing our body.