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All those things such as the fast pace of life, malnutrition, worries, problems, cigarettes, polluted enviroment have negative effect on a human body and decrease its immunity. A weak organism is an organism with a high level of acidity. Food in our body connects with oxygen and produces energy which helps each cell and each organ to function normally. But not all food produce energy. A large amount of food remains in our organism as a “waste” which cannot be used. And then in order to cope with the waste products, our body will extract from our bones, organs and blood, all those substances which can neutralize and cast waste materials.

That “waste” increases the level of acidity in the organism and lowers the pH. The acidic waste partially transforms into solid waste and can easily be excreted by breathing, sweating and urinating without negative effects on the pH. The second part of the waste is stored in the organism and can contribute to many problems.

Acidic waste contained in the body can be placed on different locations including body fat as well. The result of increased necessity for acidic waste storage may be the result of increased fat production because the waste “seeks for the shelter” in the fat tissue. The best solution in this situation is to consume alkaline water.

The less acidic waste means the lower percentage of body fat in the organism! Now you understand that the main cause of the people’s obesity are not fats but acids.

The pH of the blood should always be slightly alkaline and that’s the reason why nutricionists recommend the consumption of fruits and vegetables daily. Fruits and vegetables are alkaline food which improves the alkalinity in our organism.

Natural water with such a high pH (11.85), as in Kulasi Spa has the following effects on health:
– It alkalizes the organism in a short period of time
– improves concentration
– reduces stress
– burns fat
– moisturizes skin
– an anti-aging effect
– speeds up the toxins exrection from the body
– reduces blood cholesterol
– helps the body to achieve ideal weight
– improves the apsortion of oxygen in blood
– accelerates and shortens the recovery time after workout
– helps body to regulate blood sugar level
– regulates blood presure and brings it back to normal
– eliminates the feeling of fatigue, over-voltage, headache and somnolence;
– stops the progression of the disease
– slows down the aging process

Because alkaline water has strong potential to reduce oxidation, to slow or stop the destructive processes in the body (aging, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, dermatitis, etc.). Alkaline water is the natural antioxidant (because of the high pH level) which removes free radicals from the body.

The research of a Nobelist confirmed the fact that oxygen is very important for our health. Dr Otto Warburg (Nobel Prize 1931) proved in his work that the actual cause of cancer is a lack of oxygen and showed that the cancer cells are anaerobic (do not need oxygen to survive) and they disappear when they get in contact with oxygen. This vicious disease (in the organism or on the organs) occurs when cells do not get enough oxygen which gives the opportunity to cancer cell to form themselves. The structure of alkaline water contains molecules of water which can easily enter the organism and reach any cell and thus provide sufficient oxygen which hydrates the cells, skin and body more effectively than ordinary natural water.

The things such as fatigue, weakness, stress, deconcentration, somnolence, lack of energy, poor memory, dizziness, depression are manifestations of a lack of oxygen and an acidic body.

The cells of the human body live as long as they are provided with oxygen. When there is no sufficient oxygen they disappear, die or transform to acidic waste. One of the first visible signs of aging is wrinkling. Wrinkles arise particularly because the skin cells lose their moisture and elasticity due to lack of oxygen. By consumption of natural water the cells are constantly enriched with oxygen, they remove free radicals, slow down the aging process, maintain the vitality, freshness and elasticity not just of the cells but of the whole human body as well.

An alkaline organism has less acidic waste substances and thus lower percentage of body fat. Therefore, consumption of natural alkaline water, in addition to all the benefits mentioned so far, also helps in reducing body weight. An alkaline body is healthy and vital body!

Alkaline water is definitely the elixir of life, and its regular use improves not only health, but life itself, making it more beautiful and simple.

Today, alkaline water as a medical treatment method is most widely used in Japan. Springs of natural highly alkaline water are very rare but a lot of scientists are engaged in examining alkaline water and alkaline organisms. Some of the researches have already been mentioned in the previous text but there are some significant statements and assertions of famous researchers and scientists from renowned Universitites and Institutes.

“Health, as well as disease of the human body, depends on the biological, physiological and chemical balance, which plays the role of an important regulatory mechanism in all body functions. When these functions are disrupted, our body sends us a signal that we have entered into the state of illness which can be noticed by the increase of the level of acidity in our organism. The success of any treatment is much higher if the body is able to help itself a little and to get rid of acidity. The only way to reduce the level of acidity in the organism is to change our life habits and to consume the groceries which can regulate the alkalinity in our organism.” – dr Leonard Coldwell.

I recommend everyone to drink 8 to 10 glasses of alkaline water daily. It is one of the simplest and most powerful things that you can do to protect your organism from diseases. It should be mentioned that professional athletes in Japan consume alkaline water to improve their skills.” – Tery Grossman – the founder and director of Frontier Medical Institute in Denver, Colorado.