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Kulasi Spa is located about 14 kilometres far from Prnjavor on the road to Teslic, at the foot of the mountain Ljubic (an elevation of 596m). From the beginning of 2015 it operates as Kulasi Spa Ltd. Its owner, the entrepreneur from Prnjavor, immediately started with its whole detailed rearrangment and the most modern reconstruction with the wish to place it not just to the home market but on the European market as well. He wanted to make it a modern, professionally organised and adequately equipped spa with superbly trained staff.

Kulasi Spa is built near the thermal spring of the extremely curative and unique, highly alkaline, oligo-sulfide hypothermal water with a temperature of 27-28 degrees Celsius. It is bacteriologically completely sterile with the constant quality and an incredibly high pH which equals 11.75. According to the current knowledge, there are only two more thermal springs in the Europe and four in the World, which means that there are only six thermal springs of the mineral water of the same quality.


Highly alkaline water as such is only recently discovered by the American geologists in 1967. Water in Kulasi Spa was used by the Romans, who particularly appreciated hot sulfuric water and used it for the needs of their privileged social classes and for their wounded and ill soldiers’ rehabilitation as well.

Efficiency and productivity of the water in Kulasi Spa are proved by 90% of patients who used it as their therapies which were precisely prescribed.

It is particularly effective in the treatment of:
-psoriasis, neurodermatitis, eczema and other various skin diseases;
-kidney diseases and urinary tract infection (kidney stone disease, urinary bladder disease, chronic infection, etc.)
-human digestive system diseases (gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, ets.)
-female reproductive system diseases
-high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes mellitus type 2;
-consequences of body injuries and locomotor apparatus (rheumatism)
Further intensive and professional researches about salubrity and effectiveness of the water at Kulasi Spa are still in progress and currently there are also some negotiations about new water analysis which should be carried out according to the highest world standards by the most famous and most appreciated SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS in Taunusstein, Germany.

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The water of Kulasi Spa is used in full compliance with the standards of therapeutic procedures such as bathing, swimming (hydrotherapy), drinking, washing, inhalation and pledgets.

New analysis of the natural spring water were made by Friedrich Katzer. His results were first revealed in his book “Knowledge of the mineral springs in Bosnia and Herzegovina” which was published in “The Journal of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina” in 1919 and which also included the water of Kulasi Spa.

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The same results were also published in his another two books “The Geology of Bosnia and Herzegovina” in 1924 and after his death in 1925. In 1936, Kulasi Spa was declared as the Spa of great importance by Laza Nenadovic. In 1951, during the investigations there was drilled 5 wells, each of them was 40, 90 or 56 meters deep. The work was led by the famous academician Joseph A. Bac and there was demonstrated the accumulation of artesian thermal water. In the period from 1972 till 1973, new investigations led by dr B. Djerkovic were carried out. These investigations were largely corrected and the wells depth was also corrected in the investigations that were carried out seven years later. Scientific examination of medical indications and the therapeutic effect “of this new group of thermal water” was performed at the initative of the pharmacist Renata Novak. At that time, two rare minerals SUOLUNIT and TOBERMORIT were found in the thermal water by dr B. Djerkovic.

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From 1979 to 1980, the organization “Geoinženjering” (Sarajevo), “Institute of Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering” (Ilidza) by order of the Committee on Industry and the Municipality Prnjavor in Bosnia and Herzegowina, in collaboration with the Institute of Physics, Energy and Applications (Zagreb, Croatia), Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and the School of medicine (Zagreb) did extensive hydrogeological study of the thermal water in Kulasi Spa near Prnjavor. The most appreciated SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS stated that this water with such high pH is very specific and that it still couldn’t have been found in Germany at that time.

It was also found that the thermal water (Kulasi Spa) and chilled thermal water are more than 30 years old which guarantees stability, quality and quantity of the unique healing water regardless of any external weather conditions. After the Second World War, Kulasi Spa belonged to the hospitality and state enterprise in Prnjavor, but its new owner, the entrepreneur from Prnjavor, bought it in 2015 with the intention to make Kulasi Spa a member of the European Spa Family (European Association of Healing Spas) where it really belongs.